Welcome to ENGLISH for LIFE

ENGLISH for LIFE is a successful partnership based in Sydney, Australia, and Wellington, New Zealand, providing specialised English courses designed to meet the needs of individuals and small groups.

We will help you achieve your English language goals using effective, personalised English lessons delivered at a convenient location or by distance learning.

We offer a variety of courses including Test Preparation for IELTS, ISLPR, Cambridge and OET, English for Business, English for Employment, Pronunciation, Academic English and General English.

About Us

At ENGLISH for LIFE all our tutors are Masters graduates with extensive experience in ESL teaching, both one-to-one and in classes.

Our English for Business tutors have a background in management in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our Test Preparation tutors are experts, and in some cases examiners, in the particular tests in question.

All our tutors are experienced in teaching effective Pronunciation and Presentation skills: essential for all professionals.

Important Information for PEAT candidates

On 27 May 2017, the PEAT exam came to an end.  Teachers in NSW who need to pass an English Language Proficiency test for accreditation are now required to do IELTS or ISLPR.  Those candidates who have already passed some but not all components in PEAT should contact the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for advice on how to complete their language requirement.

ENGLISH for LIFE now offers the following tuition courses to meet the needs of teachers:

  • IELTS, provided by Ian Synnott. Ian is a highly qualified teacher with many years of experience in tutoring for the IELTS exam.  See IELTS for details of the course.
  • ISLPR, provided by Linda Kennington.  Linda is a highly qualified teacher with many years of experience in preparing teachers for the PEAT exam. For writing, she uses an excellent coursebook, plus sample writing materials for the ISLPR exam.  Additional handouts and exercises are provided to fill the student’s gaps in grammar and vocabulary. Linda teaches listening, reading and speaking using a variety of authentic materials from the education sector and everyday life, similar to those used in the ISLPR exam.
  • Foundation English, provided by Linda Kennington. This course is recommended for those who have gained mostly B grades in PEAT or less than band 7 in IELTS.  It is also an excellent course who don’t speak English much in their everyday lives, for example, mums at home.  The course teaches everyday English as used in Australia, and provides a strong foundation for students who then want to go on and prepare for the ISLPR exam.

Contact us for more information and assistance in selecting a course that is right for you.

For more information about Ian and Linda, see Our Tutors