Why EfL?

At EfL we have tutors who are qualified and experienced in teaching pronunciation.

  • each course is designed specifically to meet the learner’s needs
  • individual lessons are conducted via distance tutoring using Zoom, for maximum convenience and flexibility

What do we teach?

Pronunciation includes:

  • Clear pronunciation of individual sounds, vowel combinations and consonant clusters
  • Correct word stress
  • Grouping words into phrases
  • Correct sentence stress
  • Intonation: tone of voice, pitch, rise and fall
  • Pace

Pronunciation is taught in the context of your work, study or everyday life. It can be combined with any other course of lessons : English for Business, English for Employment, Test Preparation, Academic English or General English.

Why work on pronunciation?

When we listen to other people speaking, even in our own language, we do not always hear every word they say – we often guess from the context. The more we have to guess, the less we are listening to what the speaker is saying. If the speaker’s pronunciation is unclear, if they put the stress in the wrong place or if they use the wrong intonation, the listener may still understand some of what they’re saying, but the listener’s attention is taken away from the message being delivered.

At EfL, our goal is to teach you to speak clearly in order to get your message across effectively. As a result:

  • misunderstandings and frustrations are reduced
  • customer service interactions on the phone and face-to-face are greatly improved, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction
  • presentations have greater impact
  • possibilities for development of your future career are enhanced.

Needs assessment

We arrange a discussion with you, and your employer if appropriate, to determine your pronunciation issues in English, and how they affect your work, study or everyday life. We then design a course to improve your pronunciation, pace and intonation.

Length of the course

Courses are normally 10 or more lessons, each 45 minutes in length.

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