Why EfL?

  • Our tutors are highly experienced in teaching General English
  • We design courses specifically to meet your language learning needs
  • Individual lessons are conducted via Zoom and email, for maximum flexibility and convenience

Foundation Course

No matter how good your English is, there will be gaps in your learning. A Foundation Course in General English will:

  • improve your fluency in writing and speaking
  • improve your reading and listening skills
  • fill the gaps in your grammar
  • expand your vocabulary

Our Foundation Course helps you to understand and use everyday English in a cultural context. . Each lesson includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar, with follow-up exercises to do at home.

Needs assessment

We arrange an initial assessment with you to determine your language learning needs. We then design a course that will strengthen your use of the English language, in the context of your work, life or study.

Length of the course

Courses are normally 10 lessons, each 45 minutes in length. 

Contact Us

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"To arrive in a new country without knowledge of their language, it's very difficult for everyone. From the beginning, the experience with my teacher was very important. She helped me to understand English, speaking clearly and slowly. I thank her for her caring and competence."

Italy Gianni - Italy